Project Feasibility

•  Land optimization and site assessment
•  Project budgets
•  Financing
•  Regulatory work


  • Review Permit Packages and provide Electrical Engineering Review and PE Stamp

  • Review Permit Packages and provide Strucutal  Engineering Review and PE Stamp 

  • Create Singe Line Diagrams 

  • Create Full Permit Packages 

  • Provide Center-Fed Letter

  • Provide Residential / Commercial  Load Calculations


•  Permitting procurement
•  Environmental Studies
•  Site Surveys
•  Estimating

Material Procurement

•  Purchase and management
•  Transportation, receiving and inspection
•  Inventory control and onsite logistics


•  Project management and schedule
•  Site development
•  Foundation and racking installation
•  Module installation
•  DC and AC collection systems
•  Monitoring/control networks installation
•  O&M buildings

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BDH Engineering specializes in supporting the renewable energy industry in solar design, engineering and construction services. BDH is fully capable of supporting our clients on a wide variety of projects from large projects with complex requirements to small projects that require cost-effective solutions. We utilize the latest available technologies in order to be efficient and accurate with our designs, stay current with leading industry standards, allow for seamless transfer of project files, and provide clear communication with our clients. 

Residential & Commercial Solar