Message from our President
Bobby, Engineer, Consultant

Bobby D. Harris, III, P.E.

In an industry that is rapidly changing and progressing, ones ability to quickly adapt and respond to the increased demand is becoming more and more vital. With nearly 15 years of experience in the Utility, Solar, and Engineering field, I am more excited than ever to be leading a company built on adaptability and progressive thinking.  Much of the change that we see today is driven by customer demand, advanced technology and affordability.  We have first-hand experience working with and for businesses and governmental agencies that are continuously required to do more with less. This allows us to better serve our customers and aide them in meeting the demands of their customers as we understand the environment under which they operate.  


BDH Engineering and Construction is uniquely positioned in that we are combining design, engineering consulting, construction and project management services.  With a diverse staff under one roof, BDH encompasses both a methodical and practical approach to solving problems and meeting our customer’s needs.  Understanding that our customers have many options to choose from, we have identified quality service, diversity and customer experience as three key factors distinguishing BDH from all others.  I’ve always believed that a structure is only as strong as its foundation so at BDH, we have defined 7 core values that guide us daily, keep us grounded and serve as our foundation.  Safety, quality, integrity, empowerment, environmental stewardship, teamwork and accountability, make up our guiding principals. We work hard to ensure that each value is part of who we are and how we operate.  


At BDH we have a great team and although I am certainly bias when saying that, I believe it to be true.  All of our associates are passionate about delivering quality service and client satisfaction and are committed to doing it safely, effectively and efficiently.  I once heard someone say that "smart leaders" are those that hire people "smarter than them," so let's just say, I am one of the smartest leaders around.  As a BDH client you will interact with many of our associates and should expect to receive the same level of service across the board.  Rather you’re interacting with our office team or our field personnel, all of our associates are experienced and highly trained and are here to serve you.  We truly operate as one unit, a family unit, and treat each one of our clients as if they are part of the BDH family as well. 


I am excited about where we are today and what our future holds.  We have a solid foundation, a savvy team and a mission and vision to guide us.  We are committed to being a leader in this industry and a premier go-to engineering and construction firm known for quality service, diversity, and world-class client experience.  I couldn't be more honored to be serving as President of such a great company with such good people that serve so many amazing clients. 


Bobby D. Harris, III, P.E. 

President, BDH Engineering and Construction Company